Alan Edwards


Bachelor of Arts in Studio Art and Sociology-Anthropology, Expected May 2014
Transylvania University, Lexington, KY 40508
• GPA: Cumulative 3.4
• May-term travel courses to Rome, Spain, and Ireland, 2012, 2013

Relevant Coursework:
Studio Art Courses:
• Imagined and formulated art concepts fitting specific assigned guidelines
• Designed and created art projects through a variety of medias: sculpture, ceramics, drawing, painting, photography, digital-Photoshop
• Met deadlines and worked on timelines to complete projects
• Received and implemented criticisms on own work and others
• Skilled in power tool, saw, hammer, and screwdriver usage

Sociology/Anthropology Courses:
• Researched social/cultural/economic/ environmental problems formulating opinions and possible solutions through writing
• Read, studied, and wrote grant proposals for future development projects
• Presented research and theoretical based projects to professors and students
• Teamed up with other students on research projects and presentations

Campus Involvement:
Vice President and Treasurer, Transylvania Student Art League, Fall 2012- present
• Led meetings and planned future organizational events with members
• Managed funds to purchase necessary shirts, art supplies, and food for events
• Recorded club membership fees and club accounts and expenditures
• Contacted, communicated, and worked with members, administrators, and other organizations on campus for community building and engagement events

Member, Transylvania Environmental Action League, Fall 2012-present
• Worked with group members in deciding and contributing to sustainable projects and events on campus
• Improved campus conservation efforts through recycling and sustainable projects by discussing environmental issues and effects on campus
• Built trash sculptures, changed light bulbs, checked recycling bins to spread sustainable knowledge and information across campus

Work experience:
Men’s Sales Associate, Kohl’s, Barboursville, WV, June 2011- present
• Communicated with customers and co-workers by addressing their needs, answering their questions and representing Kohl’s professionally
• Demonstrated strong customer service and public relations abilities when greeting and interacting with customers
• Collaborated with co-workers to accomplish assigned goals and to keep department organized
• Followed directions and tasks assigned by effectively multi-tasking and working under pressure
• Showed up on time to work exemplifying effective time management skills

Volunteer experience:
Volunteer Associate, Goodwill Inc, Huntington WV, Fall 2008 - Spring 2010
• Volunteered over 40 hours each year
• Assisted underprivileged persons from low socio-economic backgrounds questions and concerns
• Organized merchandise, replenished items in correct department, and kept store clean and accessible
• Communicated with customers, donators, workers, and other volunteers


• Dr. Nancy Wolsk, Professor of Art History, Transylvania University Lexington Kentucky 40508, Office Phone: 859-233-8210 Email:

• Professor Jack Girard, Professor of Art and Division Chair of Fine Arts, Transylvania University Lexington Kentucky 40508, Office Phone: 859-233-8115, Email:

• Professor Kurt Gohde, Professor of Art and Program Director, Transylvania University Lexington Kentucky 40508, Office Phone: 859-233-8119, Email:

• Professor Zoe Strecker, Professor of Art, Transylvania University Lexington Kentucky 40508, Office Phone: 859-233-8246, Email:

• Dr. Chris Begley, Professor of Anthropology and Program Director, Transylvania University Lexington Kentucky 40508, Office Phone: 859-233-8144, Email:

Transcripts, letters of recommendation, and examples of artwork available on request